Techism is a movement that reconciles technological innovation with the creation of art. Techism understands innovation, be it technological or philosophical, as a medium in and of itself.  For this reason, Techism does not mean how it sounds. It does not put technology before art but rather, sees art and technology as companions meeting the next wave of human expression – digital humanism. We are the masters of technology, and creating art is the expression of digital humanism.  

What is digital human existence, and what is the beauty in it?

Many traditional practices of artisanship have remained, and they will continue to do so. Techism is not a movement that stands in opposition to older practices. Nor does it assert brusque claims that the old will be swept away with the new.  Artists can decide when and which practices to adopt and discard with each phase of creation.

In the age of Cognitive Computing, technology will continue to disrupt and revolutionise industries in services, manufacturing, healthcare, media and education, and will continue to revolutionise creative platforms.

Tech + Art is in the creative platform.  Art is no longer limited to a frame on a wall.  Art is becoming ever more an interactive practice.  Collaboration has always enabled art’s creation. Collaboration materializes consciousness. Art is consciousness. Techism is an appeal and return to that consciousness, the consciousness of art as shared, as thing, as idea and as experience.

Software allows the artist to become multifaceted and an entrepreneur. It's about being yourself and finding what fits and making, customising consumables yourself, or in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence, because you can.

Art is experiential, the phenomenal.  We, the viewer participate, and discern for ourselves, what we behold.

Techism is an artist’s expression drawn from the cross-pollination of contemporary tools: intelligent software and digital media.

Techism is about making sense of the virtual world in the concrete world, a digital paradigm that has altered our behavior and is integrating more and more into our physical reality.  

- Krista Kim